Episode 8 – Mick Lovin’

Is there a more rock ‘n’ roll name than Mick? I put it to you that there is not.
If you believe there is please enter your suggestion on the homepage and I will cover the most popular choice in another episode of this podcast.
For this episode though it is all about famous Micks of rock and that’s why it’s titled Mick Lovin’

Mentioned in this Episode

0:02 Sweet’The Ballroom Blitz’

0:41 – McLovin scene from the movie ‘Superbad’

2:02 Rolling Stones‘Sway’

2:42 Fleetwood Mac‘Dreams’

3:38 David Bowie‘Moonage Daydream’

4:49 Motley Crue‘Dr Feelgood’

5:50 Sweet’s Mick Tucker‘[Drum Solo [Live in London 1973]’

7:49 The Clash ‘Train In Vain’

8:26 The Clash‘Rock The Casbah’

9:16 Foreigner Cold As Ice

10:04 Uriah Heep ‘Easy Livin”

10:46 Mott the Hoople ‘All the Young Dudes’

11:20 Bad Company ‘Can’t Get Enough’

13:29 v Spy v Spy ‘One of A Kind’

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