Episode 4 – 2021 – A Rock Odyssey

In this episode we’ll check out some of the new singles and albums already released this year and about to be released from artists, old, new and somewhere in between.

Mentioned in this Episode

1:41 KISS‘KISS 2020 Goodbye Finale’

2:16 Foo Fighters‘No Son of Mine’

Image sourced from ARIA

4:36 Walking Papers‘Divine Intervention’

Used guitar picks from Cheap Trick, Walking Papers and KISS – all acts featured in this episode.

5:29 Kings of Leon‘The Bandit’

6:23 Greta Van Fleet‘Age of Machine’

7:16 Royal Blood‘Typhoons’

8:29 Weezer – ‘All My Favourite Songs’

9:12 Cheap Trick – ‘Light Up The Fire’

Cheap Trick 1990 Australian tour t-shirt.

10:17 Alice Cooper‘Social Debris’

12:01 Jason Bieler & the Von Bielski Orchestra (ft. Devin Townsend & David Ellefson) –
‘Bring Out Your Dead’

12:31 Movie clip: Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Bring Out Your Dead

Upcoming album release dates
Alice Cooper – ‘Detroit Stories’ (February 26)
Kings of Leon – ‘When You See Yourself’ (March 5)
Evanescence – ‘The Bitter Truth’ (March 26)
Cheap Trick – ‘In Another World’ (April 9)
Greta Van Fleet – ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ (April 21)
Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’ (April 30)
Weezer – ‘Van Weezer’ (TBA)
AFI – as yet untitled (TBC)

Artists with albums already released in 2021
Foo Fighters – ‘Medicine at Midnight’
Walking Papers – ‘The Light Below’
Weezer – ‘OK Human’
The Black Crowes – ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ (30th Anniversary edition)
The Pretty Reckless – ‘Death by Rock And Roll’
Jason Bieler & The Von Bielski Orchestra – ‘Songs for the Apocalypse’

2021 A Rock Odyssey Spotify Playlist link

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