Episode 4 – 2021 – A Rock Odyssey

This episode has two sections, the first part centres around the era of music when the chosen recording medium was tape and due to various reasons errors recorded on tape somehow wound up in the final recording. These imperfections grace some very well-known songs and it could be argued in some cases that they improve the song – a happy accident.
Part two is about the Queen classic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. It wasn’t a big hit on its initial release but has enjoyed a second life which I will explain.

Mentioned in this Episode

1:47 The Beatles‘Hey Jude’

2:16 The Kingsmen‘Louie Louie’

3:20 David Bowie‘Life on Mars’
3:41 Interview with producer Ken Scott

4:52 Aerosmith‘Nobody’s Fault’

5:37 The Police‘Roxanne’

7:39 Queen‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

9:27 Paul Rudd on Lip Sync Battle

9:34 David Armand on Fast and Loose

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