Episode 10 – Night Songs

This episode is about songs with the word ‘night’ in the title and is not a rankings list but a collection of interesting tidbits about songs in this category. I have been strict on the wording so they are all ‘night’ not ‘tonight’, ‘midnight’ or even ‘nightrain’ (sorry Guns N’ Roses fans).

Mentioned in this Episode

0:02 The Police’Bring On The Night’

1:14 Bryan Adams ‘Heat Of The Night’

2:16 AC/DC‘You Shook Me All Night Long’

2:55 Cold Chisel‘Saturday Night’

3:50 Little River Band‘The Night Owls’

4:39 The Rolling Stones‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’

5:36 Van Halen‘Dance The Night Away’

6:29 Whitesnake ‘Still Of The Night’

7:34 Pat Benatar‘Shadows Of The Night’

8:36 Cinderella Night Songs’

9:39 The Strokes ‘Last Nite’

10:32 KISS ‘Rock And Roll All Nite’

11:59 KISS ‘Creatures Of The Night’

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